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Ever wondered why we return and dig up a section of road more than once?

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It’s all about the need for urgent works…

The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team is busy repairing the city’s damaged roads, water, wastewater and storm water networks. The rebuild programme is one of New Zealand’s largest and most complex civil engineering projects. Hundreds of kilometres of pipes and roads need to be repaired or replaced, making the scale of the infrastructure rebuild unprecedented in New Zealand.  

Planning is well underway to ensure the permanent rebuild of the city’s earthquake-damaged infrastructure is undertaken in such a way as to deliver the best value for money.

In some instances the team needs to make urgent temporary repairs to restore services to homes and businesses as soon as possible. These repairs are to water, wastewater or storm water pipes. Emergency repairs to underground pipes have been needed when aftershocks have caused new damage to these networks.

When a repair is temporary or when further work needs to be done at the site, the road is usually resealed only in the vicinity of the works. The intention is to make the road surface safe until permanent repairs can be completed. This is why we sometimes return a number of times to dig up your road!

 A road reseal in progress.

Published: 16 September 2011