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Your safety

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Christchurch is a hive of construction activity as we work to replace the damaged roads and underground pipes around the city.

Many adults and children love to watch the activity in work sites. Keep yourself and your family safe by following some basic guidelines and exercising common sense.

Children and pets are quite likely to be curious about work sites and may wander too close or even into the work area. This is a very dangerous situation. Keep them supervised at a safe distance or securely fenced.

Be on the lookout for changed traffic conditions – for example, detours, hazards or changed lanes. Always drive safely for the conditions, even when they are familiar to you.

Be alert and reduce your speed around work sites. Stay within temporary speed limits to protect everyone.

Be Safe Bee

We keep schools informed of nearby works and we're keen to raise general awareness among schoolchildren. Please get in touch if you want us to visit your school.