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Specific measures

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Our local, natural and historical environment can be affected in all kinds of ways that aren't immediately obvious. These are some of the specific impacts we manage and approaches we use.

Managing noise

Rebuilding works can get noisy. We reduce noise wherever possible. For example, we will limit noise from our sites with exhaust mufflers and sound proofing on our machinery.

If our work might get noisy, we will advise residents and businesses close to work before we begin working, so that you can prepare for any disruptions.

Managing dust

Preventing the spread of dust is a high priority. We want to avoid generating and dispersing it as much as we can. We will limit dust by spraying water on unsealed areas and by covering loads in windy conditions.

Minimising vibration

At the planning stages, before heavy work begins, we use tools to predict the potential for high vibration levels. If we think there might be an issue, we adjust whatever we can to reduce the vibrations.

As with noise, if you might experience vibrations, where possible we will let you know before we begin working, so that you can be prepared.

Managing wastewater water that we remove

When we work on underground services, we sometimes have to dewater, which is removing unwanted water from the conduits. There are very strict rules about removing and disposing of this wastewater. We comply with these requirements. We send wastewater for treatment in settling tanks and use filtration devices.