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Rebuilding the storm water network

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We are repairing and replacing storm water systems to their capacity before the earthquakes, and where justified, also making them stronger, easier to maintain, or bringing them into line with current standards.

To restore service and avoid flooding, we may have to perform temporary repairs on parts of the storm water system. We return to fix it permanently provided there is a long term need for it.

Techniques we use

Replacing pipes
Where damaged storm water pipes are reasonably shallow they are generally dug up and replaced.
Plastic sleeve lining
Pipes with open joints or cracking may be relined with an internal plastic sleeve that is pulled through in situ.
Replacing brick barrel pipelines
Badly damaged brick barrels may be replaced with concrete pipes. Barrels with only slight damage can be stabilised with a plastic liner. A technique has been used on Moorhouse Avenue that using existing intact sections of brick barrel pipelines to help replace and strengthen a whole length.
Better materials
When presented with the opportunity, we replace infrastructure with a more durable alternative. In the case of pipes, we replace older materials with longer lasting and more flexible polyethylene or PVC piping.
Hand digging and hydro-excavation
Sometimes we need to be extremely careful to avoid disruptions to other services using the same trench, and to avoid dangers like electrocution. In these cases, we can't use traditional excavating machinery, and have to hand dig or use hydro-excavators.